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Epistemology, Adaptation, and Disaster Mitigation of Masyarakat Adat Nusantara

The Adaptation of Children’s Disaster Education Methods in Japan for Children in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra
Mukhlis Arifin

Mobility Challenges of a Border Population in the Celebes Sea

Bordersea: Dinamika Penduduk dan Jejaring Kultural
Muhammad Nur Ichsan Azis

Interpreting the Etiology and Effects of Disasters in Indonesia: Anthropological Analyses and Interventions

Resilience and Resistance: An Anthropological Critique of the Governmental Response to the 2018 Disaster (Earthquake, Tsunami and Liquefaction) in the Palu Region
Gregory (Greg) Lawrence Acciaioli, Muhammad Nasrum, Andi Akifah
The COncept of Living Space as Local Knowladge in Disaster Mitigation Efforts of To Kaili in Palu Valley
Siti Hajar Aepu, Hapsa Hapsa, Resmiwaty Nur

Anthropological Responses to Gender-Based Violence in a Multidimensional Crises

The shifting discrimination to the LGBTIQ+ groups online: what happens to our national democracy?
Fitri Ayunisa, Abdullah Faqih

New Developmentalism in Indonesia: Where is the Marginal?

Defining the Progress from Within the Forest
Aditya Dipta Anindita

The Dynamics and Challenges of Indigenous People in Recognizing Customary Forest

The Significance and Limit of Adat Territory Recognition in Addressing the Problem of Rural Agrarian Crises: Insights from Kasepuhan Karang in Banten, Indonesia
Mohamad Shohibuddin, Eko Cahyono, Habibur Rachman, Fajar Ahsani, Sakinah Tunufus
Lesson Learn from the Verification Process of The Customary Forest in Central Sulawesi and North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
Soeryo Adiwibowo

Berkah dan Kutukan: Retelling Environmental Narratives in Indonesia

Labour migration, Agricultural Vulnerability, & Climate Change Adaptation in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia
Rhino Ariefiansyah

Experiencing Crises and Life Itself: Knowledge, Metaphors, and Actions in the Multiplicity of Crises

Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali
Grieving Alone: Mutuality of Being and Death in the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic
Naeni - Amanulloh
Is Vaccination the Answer? The Perception of Students from the Island of Makean on the Risk of Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Prevention
Safrudin Amin, Dewi Apriani Aco, Zulkifli Zulkifli

Plastics Production, Use and Waste: Burning Issues for Anthropology

Capitalocene: Dependence on Plastics in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods as Adaptation, Rational Choice, and the Power of Capitalism
Bianca Carissa Ananda
Plastic Waste in Rice Fields: Problems and their Management Strategy Plan in East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi
Anwar Anwar, Slamet Riadi
Paid Plastic Bag
Ibriati Kartika Alimuddin

Religion and Global Issues

Understanding Violence Against Jemaat Ahmadiyah Indonesia and Ways to Resolve It
Ansar Ahmad
Reconstructing Human-Nature Relations: A Response of Muslim Dayango of Gorontalo to COVID-19
Tarmizi Abbas

Contested Values, Socio-Natural Rearrangement, and Infrastructural Development in The Time of Crisis

Negotiating the Burning Future: Indigenous Responses, Infrastructures, and Fire Governance in Indonesia
Sofyan Ansori

Oral Tradition Responding to Multicrises

The Impact of Covid 19 on Religious Rituals among Native Communities
Novel Lyndon, Mohd Nor Shahizan Ali
The Response of the TQN Suryalaya-Sirnarasa Manaqib Tradition to Covid 19 Pandemic
Heddy Shri Ahimsa-Putra

Coastal and Marine Grabbing in Indonesia and Beyond

Reclamation a la Kamal Muara: Political Recognition between State and Non-State Actors
Yosefina Anggraini
ForBALI: Understanding the actors, strategies, and the dynamics of a resistance movement against coastal grabbing in Bali
Slamet Subekti, Singgih Tri Sulistiyono, Dedi Supriadi Adhuri

Anthropology Dealing with Multiple Health Crisis: The Use of (Traditional) Alcohol Beverages

Metuakan: Culinary Tradition of the Bali People in Puri Agung Karangasem Environment
Aliffiati Aliffiati

Agrarian Aspects of the Pealand, a Challenge to the Agrarian System in Indonesia

Tilling the Peatland: The Transition of Coastal Community Towards Land-based Accumulation in Bakongan, South Aceh
Muhammad Syafiq, Quadi Azam

Social Forestry Crisis in the Realm of KHDPK (Forest Area with Special Management) in Java

Critical Ethnographic Study in The Management of Social Forestry Business Groups (KUPS) in Tuban Regency of East Java Province
Mohammad Adib, Rustinsyah Rustinsyah, Prasetyo Ratna Azis