Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Reconstructing Human-Nature Relations: A Response of Muslim Dayango of Gorontalo to COVID-19
Tarmizi Abbas

Last modified: 2022-06-07


Despite being marginalized and lack access of information during the Covid-19 pandemic, indigenous people around the world, including those of Indonesia, still need to recontextualize their own knowledge and strategies to survive in the time of crisis. Indigenous Muslim of Gorontalo are part of them who argue that Covid-19 as an ecological cathastrophe is a crimes against humanity and human-nature relationship. Data on their related-idea to the pandemic were collected through series of fieldwork conducted from 2020 to 2021 in Molalahu Vilage by involving the ritual specialist and representatives of Muslim Dayango as the main speakers. Based on their responses, Covid-19 happened due to the irresponsibilities of the human-nature relationship. In responses, they took responsibility to perform eco-centric rituals called Dayango. Muslim Dayango argues that the ritual is possessing substantial understanding in re-constructing human-nature relationship based on indigenous econcentrism.


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