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Epistemology, Adaptation, and Disaster Mitigation of Masyarakat Adat Nusantara

“Kleinhoviahospital” Sebagai Solusi Pengobatan Penyakit Scabies di Pengungsian Hunian Sementara (Huntara) Lere Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi, Likuifaksi, dan Tsunami Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
Rismawati Rismawati, Isbon Pageno

Mobility Challenges of a Border Population in the Celebes Sea

Pristiwanto Pristiwanto
The Information of Historical Trade of The Talaud Island Indonesia in International Trade Routes in the Context of the ASEAN Economic Community
maria heny pratiknjo, steven sumolang, Jetty E. T. Mawara

Berkah dan Kutukan: Retelling Environmental Narratives in Indonesia

The narrative of the contemporary hunter-gatherer society as the last frontier of Austronesian speakers in Indonesia
Adi Prasetijo

Experiencing Crises and Life Itself: Knowledge, Metaphors, and Actions in the Multiplicity of Crises

When the Delta Covid-19 Tsunami Swept My Family : Reflections on the Anthropology of Caregiving using Islamic and Buddhist Values
Fuji Riang Prastowo

Plastics Production, Use and Waste: Burning Issues for Anthropology

Plastic waste burning: Politics of responsibility and the moral economy of plastic waste in peri-urban Jakarta
Diana Teresa Pakasi
Antecedents of Zero Waste Behavior
Nur Pratiwi

Religion and Global Issues

She, and Her Baby, Died Too Young : Understanding the Anthropology of Death and Mourning from a Religious and Cultural Perspective during Covid-19 Pandemic
Fuji Riang Prastowo

Contested Values, Socio-Natural Rearrangement, and Infrastructural Development in The Time of Crisis

Neoliberalism and the ambiguity of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
Iwan Pirous, Syarifudin Syarifudin
Safeguard Policy in The Infrastructure Development: Safeguarding Culture Heritage in Indonesia
Adi Prasetijo
Lako ko toe? (Does it work?)
Hestu Prahara

Coastal and Marine Grabbing in Indonesia and Beyond

Principles of Recognition and Subsidiarity: Opportunities for Village Government in Protecting Small-Scale Fisheries
Beby Putri Adriansa Pane, Rayhan Dudayev, Yando Zakaria

Anthropology Dealing with Multiple Health Crisis: The Use of (Traditional) Alcohol Beverages

Cap Tikus, Health Drink among the Minahasa People
Heny Pratiknjo, Steven Sumolang
"To Make Our Body Fit": The Use of Traditional Alcohol Beverages on Football Supporters in Pandemic Time
Bayoghanta Maulana Mahardika, Carolina Retmawati Putri

Agrarian Aspects of the Pealand, a Challenge to the Agrarian System in Indonesia

Streak of Dispossession: Peatland Restoration, Carbon Trading, and Metabolic Rifts in Central Kalimantan
Muhammad Izzuddin Izzuddin Prawiranegara

Cultural Resilience and ke-Indonesiaan in the Border Communities

Strengthening the Cultural Resilience of Border Crossing Communities in Talaud Regency
heny pratiknjo, neni kumayas
Tondanese Food
Rina Palisuan Pamantung