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Tondanese Food
Rina Palisuan Pamantung

Last modified: 2022-06-03


Food is a part of culture in North Sulawesi Province. Tondanese food consist of the label linulut and non-linulut. There are two questions being asked: 1). How is the naming system of Tondanese food? 2). What is the lingual form related to the meaning of Tondanese food?. This study is conducted in the context of language and cultural preservation, especially in the intangible cultural heritage provision. The research uses descriptive qualitative method through ethnographic approaches and synchronic linguistic method, as well as the initial introduction of the gastronomic linguistic approach. The basic linguistic theory (Katamba [1993], Givon [1984]), the theory of naming (Palmer, 1976), and theory of the meaning theory (Lehrer, 1971), the supporting theory namely the gastronomic linguistic theory (Gillespie and Cousins, 2001) are used in the data analysis. The result found that Tondanese food naming system is based on food ingredients, cooking methods, cooking utensils, food manufacturing locations, human names, and the creation of the food maker. The forms of Tondanese food names consist of the following words: tinu'tuan, woku, ambal and gofu. Meanwhile, the phrase consists of tinu'tuan ampas ba, payangka woku blanga, woku blanga, woku daong, sate wates, woku woka, and babi woku. The compound words are rica rodo, bob engka, and rintek wu'uk. Reduplications are rica-rica and lampu-lampu. The clause includes the names ikang woku isi di bulu, ayang woku isi di bulu, and sayor pait isi di bulu. The meaning of traditional Minahasan food contains denotative and connotative meaning. Furthermore, the cultural meaning of traditional Minahasan food, on the one hand, is horizontally as a "blessing or gratitude" to Opo Ni Empung or God, who is the owner of the universe. Keywords: Tondanese food, naming system, the meaning and gastronomic Linguistics.

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