Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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"To Make Our Body Fit": The Use of Traditional Alcohol Beverages on Football Supporters in Pandemic Time
Bayoghanta Maulana Mahardika, Carolina Retmawati Putri

Last modified: 2022-06-05


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed society's perception of the definition of illness and health. The definition of health and illness currently spreading in society cannot be separated from personal experience in dealing with the difficulties and challenges faced when the pandemic affects daily life. In line with the perception that many have changed, the ways of handling or efforts to avoid Covid-19 have diversity in every society. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally, traditional alcohol beverages existed as alternative medicine and recreationally. However, it is interesting to review the use of traditional alcohol beverages during this pandemic, especially about how subcultural communities who usually consume recreational alcohol beverages see and perceive traditional alcoholic beverages scattered in their respective regions. The subculture community in question is football fans who live in the Solo Raya area, namely Klaten, Boyolali, and Sragen. This study aims to identify how traditional alcohol beverages are perceived and used as an alternative to staying in a "healthy" state. The datas were taken from the community of football supporters living in the Solo Raya area, namely Bonek Klaten, Bonek Boyolali, and Bonek Sragen. The results of this study are that in the Solo Raya area, traditional alcohol drinks are ciu, gedhang kluthuk, and sari buah. These traditional alcohol drinks have been consumed regularly when gathering with the community, even before the COVID-19 pandemic spread. However, when people experience a severe health crisis during the pandemic, traditional alcohol drinks are consumed more personally. The experience and influence of traditional types of alcohol beverages into the body that were felt when consumed long before the covid-19 pandemic, such as making the body fitter and strengthening stamina the next day turned out to be a reference that was ultimately consumed personally, especially since most of them are workers.

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