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Interpreting the Etiology and Effects of Disasters in Indonesia: Anthropological Analyses and Interventions

Selection of Settlement Locations: Knowledge and Local Wisdom of the To Kaili Community in dealing with disasters
Rosmawati Rosmawati, Yulianti bakari

New Developmentalism in Indonesia: Where is the Marginal?

Migration and Farmer Household Livelihood Strategies : Factors Influencing the Decision To Migrate
Rani Andriani Budi Kusumo

Berkah dan Kutukan: Retelling Environmental Narratives in Indonesia

The Booming Commodity and the Fate of Smallholders: Varying ways of appropriating cheap labor and cheap land in the Indonesian oil palm industry (1977-present)
Kusharianingsih C. Boediono

Experiencing Crises and Life Itself: Knowledge, Metaphors, and Actions in the Multiplicity of Crises

Dealing with Multiple Hazards: Disaster-Prone Communities on the Slopes of Mt. Merapi During the Pandemic
Muzayin Nazaruddin, Anang Hermawan, Sus Budiharto, Noer Cholik

Plastics Production, Use and Waste: Burning Issues for Anthropology

5 R (Ratulangi, Rakurangi, Rapake Panjili, Raolah Panjili, Ratukara, Ratolak): Plastic Waste Reduction Movement in Central Sulawesi (Challenges faced by residents and mobility planners)
yulianti bakari, Hasrinando Saputra L

Religion and Global Issues

Science, Nationalism, and Piety; Contested Ideas in Modern Indonesia Islamic School
Qonitah Basalamah

Anthropology Dealing with Multiple Health Crisis: The Use of (Traditional) Alcohol Beverages

Environmental Change, Economic and Health Crisis, and the National Roles of Anthropologists in Increasing Communities' Living Sustainability: the Case of Nira Traditional Beverage.
Meutia Hatta Swasono, Dea Rifia Bella

Agrarian Aspects of the Pealand, a Challenge to the Agrarian System in Indonesia

Big Promise, Small Impact: Tenurial Claims and Community Development in Targeted Peatland Restoration Area in South Sumatera
Dianto Bachriadi

Collaboration to Bridge Gaps between Academic and Applied Anthropology: Where are We Now? And, Where are We Heading to?

The Anthropology of Tomorrow; A Perspective on How Anthropologist Can Contribute to Business World.
Nastiti Dewanti Basudewa