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Selection of Settlement Locations: Knowledge and Local Wisdom of the To Kaili Community in dealing with disasters
Rosmawati Rosmawati, Yulianti bakari

Last modified: 2022-05-28


Knowledge and understanding of the community about the threat of disasters that can come at any time will raise public awareness so that they are ready to face disasters. Therefore, local knowledge about disaster hazards, especially in disaster-prone areas, is an important thing to have. The local knowledge of sweet potato is obtained from the experience of human interaction with the environment. This knowledge relates to disaster mitigation such as signs of impending disaster in Palu Bay. Some natural disaster events that occur are usually marked by natural signs before the disaster strikes. Like the disaster that occurred on September 28, 2018, especially in Sibalaya village, Sigi Regency. Natural signs that occur include the selection of residential locations. The selection of residential locations is one of the important factors in the efforts made by local communities in Central Sulawesi in dealing with disasters. Long before; there was a big earthquake, from generation to generation the ancestors of the people in Central Sulawesi have given information that is told orally to their children and grandchildren that it is said that there are several locations that should not be used as residential land for residents. Based on the characteristics of the To Kaili settlement pattern (Kaili people / sub-ethnic of Central Sulawesi) in Teluk Palu developed a segregative settlement pattern based on the dialect of the language as well as showing the interaction pattern of To Kaili with the environment. This segregative pattern is also followed by settlers migrating to the Palu valley who generally inhabit lowland areas.

Keywords: settlement patterns, oral story,  local knowledge and wisdom, disaster mitigation.

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