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Epistemology, Adaptation, and Disaster Mitigation of Masyarakat Adat Nusantara

“Kleinhoviahospital” Sebagai Solusi Pengobatan Penyakit Scabies di Pengungsian Hunian Sementara (Huntara) Lere Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi, Likuifaksi, dan Tsunami Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
Rismawati Rismawati, Isbon Pageno

Interpreting the Etiology and Effects of Disasters in Indonesia: Anthropological Analyses and Interventions

Selection of Settlement Locations: Knowledge and Local Wisdom of the To Kaili Community in dealing with disasters
Rosmawati Rosmawati, Yulianti bakari

The Dynamics and Challenges of Indigenous People in Recognizing Customary Forest

The Significance and Limit of Adat Territory Recognition in Addressing the Problem of Rural Agrarian Crises: Insights from Kasepuhan Karang in Banten, Indonesia
Mohamad Shohibuddin, Eko Cahyono, Habibur Rachman, Fajar Ahsani, Sakinah Tunufus

Experiencing Crises and Life Itself: Knowledge, Metaphors, and Actions in the Multiplicity of Crises

From Eruption to Pandemic: Case Study Tourism and Social Security in Kaliurang Tourist Areas Yogyakarta
Runavia Mulyasari, Gaffari Rahmadian

Plastics Production, Use and Waste: Burning Issues for Anthropology

Plastic Waste in Rice Fields: Problems and their Management Strategy Plan in East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi
Anwar Anwar, Slamet Riadi

Contested Values, Socio-Natural Rearrangement, and Infrastructural Development in The Time of Crisis

The Broken Dream of Neoliberal Projects: Stalled Infrastructure Development and Its Translation in Central Maluku
Geger Riyanto

Coastal and Marine Grabbing in Indonesia and Beyond

Planned ocean Grabbing in Indonesia: Study on reclamation and sea sand mining projects in 26 Provincial Regulations for Zoning Coastal Areas and Small Islands
Parid Ridwanuddin, Fikerman Saragih

Anthropology Dealing with Multiple Health Crisis: The Use of (Traditional) Alcohol Beverages

Cap Tikus Drinking Circles as Enabling Spaces of Wellbeing and Practices of Collective Care in North Sulawesi
Nastasja Ilonka Roels

Social Forestry Crisis in the Realm of KHDPK (Forest Area with Special Management) in Java

Critical Ethnographic Study in The Management of Social Forestry Business Groups (KUPS) in Tuban Regency of East Java Province
Mohammad Adib, Rustinsyah Rustinsyah, Prasetyo Ratna Azis