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International Young Scholar Symposium on Humanities and Arts 2017


August 28, 2017 – August 30, 2017

With the dynamic transformation of the social, political, economic, and cultural landscapes due to global interactions, many aspects of fields of study in humanities and arts have been continuously changing providing a variety of research areas. In order to keep up with this rapid changes and development, young scholars from the humanities and arts, in order to avoid stagnation, need to have their own spaces to disseminate new knowledge and research results while interacting with fellow scholars from Indonesia and all over the world.


The second International Young Scholars Symposium of Humanities and Arts will be held in Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia, on 28 – 30 August 2017. It is a special symposium that provides a rare opportunity for (senior) undergraduate students who are in the process of writing or finishing their final papers/thesis to present their ideas and insights regarding the current situation of their fields of study based on their visions and ongoing research. Supervisors are expected to co-present with their advisees during the conference as corresponding author to help boost the spirit and motivation of their students.

The symposium will look at two major themes: Theme A: “Expanding the Boundaries of the Humanities” is designated for students learning philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, history, library and information science, religious studies, and arts, among others. Theme B: “Bridging the World through Diversity,” is concerned with the study of literature, language, cultural studies, and area studies.