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The 1st SEAMEO International Conference on Food and Nutrition

September 9, 2020 – September 11, 2020

To provide a venue to share perspectives and successes on ”Ensuring Quality Early Life forProductive Human Resources in Southeast Asia in Post CoVid-19 Pandemic” as the theme, weproudly and cordially invite researchers, university lecturers and school teachers, programimplementors, and policy makers to The 1 st SEAMEO International Conference on Food andNutrition (ICFN) with special emphasis on Updates on Early Childhood Care, Nutrition andEducation Research and Program Evaluations. The conference will also attempt to assess thegaps in current practices, research efforts, policies and opportunities about the theme.

The 1 st SEAMEO ICFN will be held as an entirely virtual conference because of the CoVid-19.While we originally plan to convene all participants in person in September in Jakarta for thisconference, we prioritize everyone’s safety but nevertheless we still want to seize the opportunityfor exchange of knowledge and experiences on this important theme during this challengingperiod though we are distant from each other. This situation opened the way for us to innovateon how to host a conference effectively via virtual mode.Join us and witness for yourself as we unfold the process of organizing this virtual conferencethrough the different stages of your application to become among the selected participants!