Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Pinky Saptandari

Last modified: 2022-06-07


Data from many regions in Indonesia shows the women ability in many areas of activity, including the role of elder women group (“EWG”) in society. The EWG plays vital role in social activities ranging from social community management to economic development. Many elder women are having public role and social influence as educator, politician and in many other social and cultural activities. One EWG even capable in coordinating a movement in building social participation such as Sekolah Eyang Segar (sekolah means school, eyang means grandmother, segar means exuberant) in Jember, East Java. Despite the fact that the EWG has strong existence in society, however, in several regions we still can find EWG in vulnerable situation and social inequality. Improving life expectancy is not along with their quality of life. Neglected situation occurs in social, economic and cultural rights. Such as access to the rights of social welfare, among others.Granting all this with Presidential Decree number 88/2021 of National Strategy for Elderly People, the EWG still in struggle for having the friendly social climate. In one side the Elderly Group remains productive and having social influence, on the other hand the community (or even family) seeing them as liability.This paper explores cultural aspect of friendly climate for the EWG and learn that the EWG remains struggling and having long way to achieve sustainable development goals, specially in gender equality and social inclusion. Key words: social influence, gender equality, social inclusion

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