Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Planning and Constructing Future of Indonesia’s Capital City
Manggala Ismanto

Last modified: 2022-06-03


Indonesia's Nusantara National Capital (NNC) design was created to present a futuristic city as a model and example of a modern city. This plan begins with the presentation of President Jokowi on Indonesia's birthday in front of the DPR until the announcement of East Kalimantan as the location of the capital. The development of Indonesia's NCC, called "Nusantara", has entered a new phase after the New State Capital Law was promulgated by Parliament. Planning is a crucial and complex stage to realize future ideas (Abram & Weszkalnys, 2013) for the nation's capital. This political context makes the design and execution stages obtain valid legal legitimacy. Starting with the detailed and integrated master plan, supporting infrastructure such as dams, toll roads, electricity will be carried out as soon as possible. The future of the "Nusantara" will gradually show its form in the plans made by the state. I used the terms assemblage of infrastructure (Hetherington, 2016) and built environment (Laszczkowski, 2016; Pellow & Lawrence-Zúñiga, 2014) loosely interchangeably to describe a city planning. It refers to the idea that a (not yet) capital city can be seen as a design assemblage of infrastructure to ensure the "flow" of the state, which describes the future style of urban planning and applies the latest modern technology. Therefore, this research wants to reveal how the narrative or discourse of moving the capital city is produced and reproduced by the government. To see the legitimacy of the relocation, the researcher will further investigate how these narratives were constructed, what policies were drawn up, what plans and mechanisms were in place to make the relocation of the capital as a right choice for the state.


Keywords: Capital City; Discourse; Infrastructure; Nusantara; Planning

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