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A healthy nurse as “someone who actively focuses in creating and maintaining a balance and synergy of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal and professional wellbeing” (ANA, 2017). ANA was declaring 2017 to be Year of the Healthy Nurse.

Nurses have been becoming as frontliners of the healthcare services especially in primary care. Nurses are ideally positioned to be the best role model, educators, and advocates of health, safety and wellness. They must life healthy to fulfill their capacity for their familily, their communities and work enviroment.

Nurses as the biggest population in health care and the most trusted profession have the power to make a change. Nurse can set an axample on how to be healthy and quality of life by choosing nutritious foods, good sleep, physical activity, free tobacco, preventive immunization, managing stress, and protective from hazzard. If all of nurses increase their personal wellness, they will influence to their patiens, family, co-worker, community, and nation.

Nurses have the most contribution to the number of health professionals in Indonesia, who provide service in all level of cares, including the community health centre (puskesmas). In the fact, Nurses who work in outreach area have greater challenges, a wider range of work area and also enviromental hazzard make nurses ignorant in handling health for themselves. We believe that our concern to healthy nurse-healthy nation is powerful to encourage nurses in creating better health for individual, society and the enviroment.

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