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The Effectivity of SMS Reminder without Counseling toward Compliance to Iron Supplementation and Hemoglobin Level of Pregnant Women in Depok City Public Health Center
Dina Anitasari

Last modified: 2016-08-15


The compliance among pregnant women to iron supplementation is still low. Lack of knowledge about therapy has been contributed to poor patient’s compliance. Counseling often can not be done in public health center due to the limited number of pharmacist. It is therefore necessary to find an effective method as an alternative to the provision of information related to the therapy without burdensome workload of pharmacists. This study aimed to assess effectiveness of SMS reminder without counseling on compliance of iron supplementation and hemoglobin level in pregnant women. This was a quasi-experimental study, prospectives, using one intervention groups with a pretest-posttest group design. The study was conducted between March and May 2016 in Pancoran Mas public health center in Depok city. A total of 36 respondents got SMS reminders weekly for a month. Patient’s compliance was measured by MMAS-8 quesionaire. Hemoglobin level was measured by HemoCue®. There were not significant difference in patient’s compliance and hemoglobin level (P=0,180 and P=0,798) before and after intervention. Only 17 respondents experienced an increase in hemoglobin levels with an average 1.1 g/dl. This study had not been proven that giving sms reminder improve patient’s compliance.