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ACE Inhibitory Activity, Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content of Jarum Tujuh Bilah (Pereskia sacharosa Griseb.) Leaves Extract
Sarlina Jihan Lusiyanti

Last modified: 2016-07-31


Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEi) are drugs that can control hypertension. Jarum tujuh bilah (Pereskia sacharosa Griseb.) leaves have been used traditionally as antihypertensive. The purpose of this study was to determine the ACE inhibitory activity, total phenolic and total flavonoids content of the Pereskia sacharosa Griseb. leaves extract. Extraction was done by maceration with 80% ethanol and fractionation performed by liquid-liquid partition. In vitro ACE inihibitory activity assay of the ethanolic extract using ACE Kit-WST Dojindo had IC50 value of 3.448 µg/mL. n-butanol fraction had the highest total phenolic content (8.456 ± 0.151 mg GAE/g extract) and total flavonoids content (3.858 ± 0.285 mg QE/g extract). The results suggest that Pereskia sacharosa Griseb. possess ACE inhibitory activity.