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Physical Stability and Antioxidant Activity Assay of Nanoemulsion Gel Formulation Containing Tocotrienol
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Last modified: 2016-11-03


Tocotrienols has antioxidant potential higher than tocopherols. Nanoemulsion gel can deliver tocotrienols into the skin to prevent skin damage which is caused by free radicals and improve the stability of the dosage form. The purpose of this study was to determine the physical stability and antioxidant activity of tocotrienols nanoemulsion gel formulation. Tocotrienols nanoemulsion is made by using tocotrienols, oleic acid, tween 80, alcohol 96%, and propylene glycol. Gel base is made by Carbomer and triethanolamine. Physical stability test was conducted at three different temperatures, which were low temperature (4˚C ± 2˚C),  room temperature (27˚C ± 2˚C), high temperature (40˚C ± 2˚C), cycling test and centrifugation test in 3800 rpm for 5 hours. Antioxidant activity was measured by DPPH method for determining IC₅₀ values. Formula 1 has the best physical stability with pH of 6,12. Droplet size of tocotrienols nanoemulsion gel is 596 nm with zeta potential value is -27,1 nm. IC₅₀ of tocotrienols nanoemulsion gel is 6252.14 ppm.