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Analysis of the effect of hypertension treatments in cardiovascular events and quality of life of chronic kidney disease patients receiving haemodialysis in RSUP Persahabatan
Rusri Diyana

Last modified: 2016-07-22



Rusri Diyana1*,Yassir2, Tri Kusumaeni2, Lia Amalia1

1School Of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia, 2Persahabatan Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia,


Objective: Hypertension is a complication of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and a risk factor of cardiovascular disease. This study is aimed to determine the effects of antihypertensive drugs related to cardiovascular disease events and quality of life in CKD patients undergoing haemodialysis at RSUP Persahabatan. Methods: cross sectional observational with concurrent medical record and analysis of patient as determined by physician's diagnosis during 3 months period. Kidney Disease and Quality of Life (KDQOLTM-36) was used as a questionnaire tool. Result: The combination of 2 antihypertension drug therapy gives the most significant different in reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure (p=0.001). The Combination of 3 antihypertension drug therapy shows better average score of quality of life. There were significant relationships between cardiovascular events with maintained both systolic (p=0.019) and diastolic (p=0.001) blood pressure. Cardiovascular events was also highly associated with quality of life (p=0.001). The associated quality of life aspects were signs and symptoms that occurred due to the disease (p=0.034), burden of renal disease (p=0.019) and mental health (p=0.021). Conclusion: a maintained blood pressure could prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in CKD, which leads to improve quality of life.


Keywords: Hypertension, Cardiovascular events, Antihypertensive drug therapy, chronic kidney disease, quality of life.