Universitas Indonesia Conferences, Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS) 2019

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Vera Ladeska, Dewi Mutiara Sari, Rini Prastiwi

Last modified: 2019-06-15


‌Coix lacryma-jobi L(coix seed) has potential as antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammation. The contents of coixenolide and coixol as the component of flavonoid has an important function. The quality ensures the efficacy of pharmacology effect. The determining of flavonoid total use by spectrophotometer Uv-Vis.The research gave the first view of coix seed and furnished the extract monograph data. From the observation of the powder, founded fragment with the shaped fiber of spike, needled, stem, bone,  and some fragment identifier such as oxalate crystals, seed essence, a bundle of duct, hair cover, epidermis with the stone cell, fiber with the circle aleuron and parenchyma fragment with the foursquare shaped. The result of determined was water degree 4.03%±0.0264, total dust 0.99%±0.0057, insoluble acid dust 0.33%±0.0152, soluble extract 4.99%±0.0057, soluble ethanol extract 3.25%±0.01, phytochemical screening contains compound flavonoid, alkaloid, tannin, saponin, and triterpenoid. The degree of total flavonoid 75.74 mg counted by quercetin /g extract ± 0.1248.