Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Ratumbanua Customary Institution, Encouraging Community Participation in Village Development in the Indonesian Border Region, Study in Bulude Village, Kabaruan Island, Talaud . Regency
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Last modified: 2022-06-03


alaud Regency has the Ratumbanua customary institution still existing today in the Indonesia-Philippines border area. This customary institution is led by a Ratumbanua or regional head assisted by his deputy Inanguwanua and several other apparatuses. Ratumbanua used to have a position as a leader in all aspects of the life of the Talaud community before the current government system established, then after the rules of the Indonesian government on the existence of a Village Head, Ratumbanua's position became a traditional institution and a partner of the village government in running the government. This study attempt to explore the role of the Ratumbanua customary institution in encouraging participatory village development in the Indonesian border region, case study on Bulude Village, Talaud Regency. The existence of the Ratumbanua traditional institution in Bulude village, Kabaruan sub-district, Talaud, has a significant influence on people's daily lives. It can be seen from the ability of the Ratumbanua traditional institution to encourage community participation to take part in various government programs, such as in involving people to participate in village development planning, and community participation in the implementation of village development. In addition, they also carry out customs such as traditional ceremonies and as a mediator in solving social problems that arise in people's lives.  so the reason why the role of Ratumbanua is very dominant in the life of the Talaud community is because Ratumbanua has been rooted in the Talaud community for a long time.Keywords: Ratumbanua,  Traditional institution, Community Participation, Participatory Village Development

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