Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Health Challenges and Threats for Hunter and Gatherer
Kristiawan Kristiawam

Last modified: 2022-06-05


Orang Rimba are one of the hunting and gathering community groups that still exist in Jambi Province. According to the government, Orang Rimba are among the target recipients of the resettlement program under the command of the Ministry of Social Affairs. This settlement program is one of the stages of a scheme to improve the quality of life of the community, including in the health sector. As a community group whose lives are connected and dependent on the forest, the Orang Rimba have a variety of knowledge to manage the health of their group members. Some of the knowledge that can still be found and is still being practiced by Orang Rimba today include: besesandingon, which is to isolate sick group members; melangun, which is life moving from a place that causes disease to another; Besale, which is to carry out a treatment ritual using traditional ingredients to ask for healing for their illness


Referring to the settlement scheme implemented by the government, the Orang Rimba are placed in a settlement location together based on the number of group members and the area for the settlement. Under these conditions, most Orang Rimba are unable to apply their knowledge in managing their health. In this paper, I want to convey what are the challenges, threats and how the concept of disease in Orang Rimba is currently after participating in the settlement program from the government.

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