Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Tuwak as Wellness Drink in the Dynamics of Tubanese People
Pinky Saptandari, Rizkie Nurindiani

Last modified: 2022-06-05



For the people of Tuban (Tubanese) in the Province of East Java, Indonesia, Tuwak is part of their cultural identity. Related to this, Tubanese practices to consume Tuwak become important subject in Anthropology. Such practices is part of, and related to, Tubanese custom in balancing ecosystem and their traditional knowledge of flora and other herbs. Tuwak is traditional drink made from Siwalan plant (Asian Palmyra Palm), the plant is easily find anywhere in Tuban. This paper discuss the use of traditional drink for health as part of drinking culture of the Tubanese. The study finds its significance in the situation when pandemic, such as Covid-19, occurs. When the need of good health condition become very important, the traditional drink can be used to improve body fitness and health condition of human body in general. And Tuwak as part of traditional knowledge and medical naturalistic system can support the health of Tubanese with their drinking culture. This effort also can be synergized with developing cultural-based creative industry. Strategic issue on this is “partiality and honouring locality” Discourse on Tuwak from the perspective of anthropology can improve our understanding to the variety of local knowledge of drinking culture and development of Indonesian cultural diversity.


Key words: development, culture, pluralism, medical system, naturalistic.

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