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The Role of Macapat Song in Strengthening the Younger Generation’s Character to Face Multiple Crisis in Indonesia
Esthi Nawangsasi, Sofiyah -

Last modified: 2022-06-07


There are several crises that Indonesia is currently facing, such as social, political, legal, economic crises, and so forth. This can be seen from the news circulating in the community as well as the results of previous researches. This multidimensional crisis is usually accompanied by a decline in moral values and character, so character education is needed to strengthen these values. The macapat song as a form of oral tradition is a literary work that contains noble values or teachings. Until now, the macapat song is still used as one of the Javanese language learning materials from elementary school to high school level and can be proven by looking at the DIY local learning syllabus based on the Regulation of the Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta no. 64 of 2013. This study aims to find out how the role of learning macapat song in strengthening the character of the younger generation to face multiple crises. This research is a qualitative descriptive research which was carried out using a literature study method. The samples used were macapat songs in the Javanese language syllabus for high school level. In the syllabus, the macapat songs included in the lesson are Pangkur, Sinom, Dhandanggula, Kinanthi, and Asmarandhana. Each has a noble meaning in guiding humans according to the stages of their lives. These noble values include the values of honesty, tolerance, politeness, discipline, spirituality, responsibility. These values are relevant for educating the character of the younger generation in facing a multidimensional crisis where moral values are starting to erode.

Keywords: Macapat song, character teaching, younger generation, multiple crises

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