Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 8th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia

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Tradition-Narrative Reconstruction in Tourism Development of Kampung Budaya Polowijen
Siti Zurinani

Last modified: 2022-06-07


The City of Malang, as one of the tourist destinations in East Java, has made the effort to improve its image in tourism by generating 11 thematic tourism concepts based on societal empowerment. One of the thematic villages that becomes the focus of this article is Kampung Budaya Polowijen (KBP). KBP offers a wealth of traditions and history unique to Malang such as masks, batik, and the myth of Ken Dedes as the primary appeal for tourists. This research is an attempt to visualize the effort of narrative reconstruction and the historical and cultural framing in the development of KBP. This research was conducted from April-August 2020 through digital ethnography by data collection with limited participant observation in compliance with health protocols, interview through social media, and searching for data through web sites and online mass media due to limited access because of COVID-19. Discovery and reinforcement of cultural traditions as the basis of tourism in KBP was conducted by utilizing the mythological framing of Ken Dedes and the claim to the art of Topeng Malangan of the City of Malang based on the discovery of the grave of Mbah Reni, who is believed to be an important figure of the art. This reconstructive effort was conducted by uncovering the historical narrative of “Panawijen” and cultural commodification by bringing out the cultural icon of Ragil Kuning as part of the distinct story of Kampung Budaya Polowijen.

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