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Reflecting on "New Rural Agenda", Rural Areas as Objects and Entities on a High-Level Conference in Documenta15, Kassel 2022
Ika Yuliana

Last modified: 2022-06-06


The lack of discussion about rural life at the global level, especially by policy makers, shows the great interest that still sees rural areas as objects and entities that are not sovereign because they are considered as a supporting locus for urban life, even as an area that needs to be urbanized. This can be seen from the highlighted perspective in the New Urban Agenda--initiated by the United Nations (UN Habitat)--which was carried out in response to the possibility of increasing the population of major cities in the world.

This wave of this industrialization has brought a lot of changes, not only the geographical landscape and its ever-increasing population density, the cultural and social landscape, or the economy. But mainly, Jatiwangi which was previously rural, slowly adopted the logic of urban life. In short, the dynamics of urban life with all its infrastructure are used as benchmarks for regional change and achievement for local governments. Regarding that perspective, Jatiwangi art Factory, as a local resident who lives in the midst of these changes and urban expansions, has no other choice besides trying out various resilience strategies. From sentimental things such as making bonds together as citizens through soil as local materials, caring for excitement together through various festivals, creating mutual pride of the region, offering new rituals, until initiating colossal events and momentum for evoking the collective agreements.

New Rural Agenda is initiated by Jatiwangi art Factory, an art collective that involve at documenta 2022 who explored art as a medium or a stage for the community to echo rural as an entry point to act for collective life in the future. Like how the big institutions or top hierarchical structures discussing urban interests through the New Urban Agenda. Taking the form of mimicry, the New Rural Agenda is a high-level conference initiated by citizens or community, involving stakeholders, and representatives of countries and world institutions, also including non-human representatives. This article will be reflecting the experience of involving on the projects that retelling the rural and ecological narratives in Indonesia and Lumbung countries part of documenta15, a world-wide prestigious contemporary art event in Kassel-Germany this June 2022.



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