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Stigma and PLWHA Women in North Sulawesi
Leviane Jackelin Hera Lotulung

Last modified: 2019-09-19


ABSTRACT PLWHA (People with HIV / AIDS), only women with HIV/AIDS experienced so far continue to be shunned by families and even surrounding communities, due to the illness they suffer. While this disease, is not always related to oneself with HIV / AIDS with HIV, AIDS, or HIV, but many other causes that they become ODHA.

Social punishment for people with HIV / AIDS, is more severe when compared with sufferers of other diseases. The negative stigma announced by HIV / AIDS women because of their negative behavior in free sex or injection needle users seriously hurt them. Not infrequently they become loners or are indeed exiled and have no longer interacted with the environment as a result, in which they will form a negative self-concept.

George Mead & Herber Blumer. Because they want to enjoy the experience of women from households with HIV / AIDS and how to interpret them related to self-concept. The reason, because in this study the researchers wanted to explore the experiences of women (not CSWs) sufferers of HIV / AIDS in the City of Bitung and Manado. In this study the sampling technique used was purposive. While the data collection techniques used are: in-depth interviews, observation, and document review.

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