Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 4th International Conference of Vocational Higher Education

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Project Based and Collaborative Learning Approach in Data Journalism Classes for College University Students
Adi Wibowo Octavianto

Last modified: 2019-09-19


This article describes ongoing data journalism education's action research in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN). Data journalism has become an increasingly needed skill to offset the tendency of reporting that rely solely on people statements. However, formal training at the university level on this subject is almost non-existent. UMN tried to pioneer data journalism training for journalistic students. The implementation of these courses in journalism education curriculum at the same time becomes action research to explore appropriate training and education methods on this subject. In this data journalism course tested two approaches strategies, namely collaborative learning and experiential project-based learning. A number of teaching team members, college participants, and data journalism practitioners were interviewed and discussed in the focus group discussion forum to provide evaluations and insights regarding the implementation of data journalism courses with the two mentioned approaches above.

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