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Heny Maria Pratiknjo

Last modified: 2019-07-05


The Minahasa was a tribe that inhabited a region in the northeast of the North Sulawesi Peninsula. The Rat Cap has been known for a long time in Minahasa land. From the various sources that the authors searched for, there is no definite record of when Cap Tikus began to present in the cultural treasures of Minahasa since it was lost. Cap Tikus is a type of high alcohol-rated liquid that averages 40 to 70 percent. The material of this writing is collected using qualitative research methods. Based on existing data, in North Sulawesi there are 62,421 hectares of seho tree land as the raw material of a rat stamp drink, and there are two million seho trees in Minsel, Minut and Tomohon. The number of business actors, the production of special derivatives in Minsel has 1522 KK. Palm commodities 1119-ton is worth RP12 billion or 17 percent of the total commodity in Minsel ". Culturally old people in Minahasa, the habit of drinking a rat stamp is done in the morning before the day to the garden with the drinking dose is a seloki (small sized glass).  The value contained in a rat cap can add to the power and spirit of work. In addition, drink before eating as an appetite enhancer and warm up the body because of the cold air.  In general, parents who consume rat stamp with a suitable dose can be long. Although it is old but still strong activity and rarely got sick. The habit of drinking a rat stamp is also done when building a house, occupying a new residence, in other social activities such as events like and grief. There Is A term among the Minahasa community about the measure of consuming this rat stamp. "One Sloki added blood, two Sloki nae blood, three sloki spilled blood". So, the term can actually be an input for someone in consuming a rat stamp. Attempts to minimize criminal actions caused by consuming a rat stamp of the boundary carried out by Polda Sulut and the parties related to the term brenti Jo BA gate (berhenti Drink cap Tikus) to produce criminal figures but the farmers were reduced to even losing their livelihoods.

Key words: Cultural value, Minahasa people, Cap rats


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