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How to Improve the English-Material-Reporting Method in Teaching Foreign Patent Laws?
Chih-Chieh Yang

Last modified: 2019-09-19



Manuscript type:

Report Paper

Research aims:

In the past, when teaching foreign laws in classes in graduate School, teachers will assign foreign (english) legal material to students, asking they read and prepare at home themselves, without teacher’s help, and do presentation at class, then teacher will comments and do some supplementary explanation. Due to the lower birth rate in Taiwan, the knowledge and English degree of graduate students is getting worse. If the teacher doesn’t help students with some Chinese material for reference, the students will get trouble and feel frustrated in the process of prepare. And after the class presentation, students will strongly reject learn more about related topics and foreign laws any more.

Design/ methodology/ Approach:

I use Action Research method. At first, I will assign cases and deliver English material about foreign patent law to students. Second, I will offer Chinese supporting materials I wrote to them, and begin watch how they prepare their presentation. Then when they present in classes, their performance will be recorded and watched. The end of this experiment is to ask, whether the improved method of teaching foreign laws can increase the student’s learning interests about foreign patent law.

Research findings:

The Students seems more be interested in Foreign patent law.

Theoretical contributions/ Originality:

This teaching method of foreign patent law is never discussed in Taiwan.

Practitioner/ Policy Implications:

This new method can be promoted to other university and teachers.

Research limitation:

I only use the new method in my classroom.

Keywords: technology universities, foreign patent law, English-Material-Reporting Method, teaching material, action research.

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