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An Empirical Study of Professional License Acquisition – Theory of Planned Behavior View -
Liang Wei Chien

Last modified: 2019-09-19


This research was conducted, taking the Theory of Planned Behavior, to identify professional workers’ perspectives on their professional license. According to this research purpose, the research issued survey questionnaires to 600 manufacturing workers in Yunlin County, located in the central Taiwan, as research sample. After follow-up, only 510 questionnaires were returned (81.66% of returned rate) including 490 questionnaires with complete and valid information, which were used as the major research data in this study, and 20 invalid ones. Subsequently, this research employed the SPSS 22 statistical software to analyze data according to the research purpose and major questions. The statistical analyses included descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, validity analysis, exploratory data analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, and structural equation modeling to examine the proposed hypotheses. The research results revealed that the people’s trust significantly affected their attitudes toward the professional certification. Their career plan could also significantly influenced behavior control while pursuing professional license; their attitudes, motivation, and behavior control significantly inspired their behavior intention to acquire professional licenses. This study finally suggested individuals who work in the workplace should devote themselves to effective learning skills and meet professional requirements through professional training and regular practices. It was also suggested to keep maintaining and improving their professional competence, work quality, and consumer services. Based on the personal career planning and skill requirements of the future employment environment, professional workers need to receive further knowledge and skills to ensure the values of professional licenses.

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