Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 4th International Conference of Vocational Higher Education

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Yulial Hikmah

Last modified: 2019-06-28


An actuary is an expert who can apply mathematical theory, probability and statistics, as well as economics and finance to solve the actual problems in a business, especially those related to risk. The need for an actuary profession in Indonesia is increasing along with the dynamics that occur both in economic, social and regulatory aspects in Indonesia. However, the number of actuaries in Indonesia is still very small. In Indonesia, a person is said to be an actuary if he passed the exam of the Indonesian Actuary Association. The passing rate of the exam is quite low. This profession is mostly only known by the people in the big cities. This study aims to analyze e-learning method as a way to increase the number of acturies in Indonesia. This research is a qualitative study. Data are collected by the electronic sources and interviews with the actuaries. The analytical method used is SWOT Analysis. This study find that the e-learning can increase the percentage of  passing the Actuary Professional Exams. Thus, e-learning can increase the number of actuaries in the various regions in Indonesia.