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Learning to Write Explanatory Texts by Using Audio Visual Media in Students of Tondano Vocational High School 2 (SMKN 2 Tondano) Minahasa District
Santje Iroth

Last modified: 2019-05-27



The development of information  technology  today has a positive impact on the world of education in terms of learning in schools ranging from elementary school to university level, as well as learning in vocational / high school that expects the application and use of multimedia in the learning process, because according to the 2013 curriculum more emphasis on formation of attitudes, fun, interesting learning concepts with teacher-oriented  so that the learning process and results are maximized. Research objectives (1). To describe audio visual media in learning explanatory text writing students of SMK Negeri 2 Tondano (2). To describe the ability of students of SMK Negeri 2 Tondano in writing explanatory texts. The research method used is descriptive method, data collection techniques, namely observation, interviews and tests. While the data analysis technique uses the percentage formula put forward by Muhamad Ali (Ali M.1987). The results showed that the use of audio-visual media can maximize the ability of grade X students of SMK Negeri 2 Tondano in writing explanatory texts with a class average value of 81.5% (in the capable category), before the audio visual media was used only 56% ( in the underprivileged category) in table 1. While the ability of students to be in the very capable category is 10%, while the category is capable of 70% after audio visual is used. Before the audio visual media is used by students who are in the category of underprivileged is 90% in table 2. The results show that using multimedia can improve students' abilities and the teaching-learning process runs smoothly and interestingly.


Keywords: Writing, Explanation Text, Audio Visual.



Muhamad Ali (Ali M.1987)