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Identification of Benefit and Loss The Speech Delayed Early Detection with Digital Application for Parent with Children Under 5 years
Tri Gunadi

Last modified: 2019-09-19



Manuscript type:Research paper

Research aims:This study to identify of benefit and loss the speech delayed early detection for parent with children under 5 years using digital application. It also attempts to identify the risk factor of speech delayed in children under 5 years old.

Design/ Methodology/ Approach: A survey is conducted to collect data from the parents using the digital application for detect the indication speech delayed their children under 5 years old. The 40 respondents are participated in this research. Data are analysed with SPSS. The proposed model is tested qualitatively through multiple regression analysis and independent sample t-test.

Research finding: the research show that there’s so many benefit using the digital application for speech delayed detection their children under 5 years old include : easy to use, can reach so many parent all around Indonesia, easy spreading and send to many parents, parent can easy to know their children have speech delayed, can used in their mobile phone,  and as soon as their can find the professional to help their children. Loss of speech delayed detection using digital application are : not all parent can operate this application and not all parent have smartphone.

Keywords:communication disorder, development, parenting, language disorder, speech sound disorder, stuttering, social and pragmatic communication disorder.

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