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Badra Al Aufa

Last modified: 2019-09-19


Manuscript type: Research Paper Research aims: This study aimed to describe Indonesian perception and behaviour towards hospital website using quantitative method. Methodology: This quantitative research using cross-sectional method. The data has been collected during February – March 2019. 160 respondents have been recruited in this study that chosen using consecutive sampling method. Online questionnaire has been used to data collection. Data of the research were analyzed by using SPSS Version 21. Research findings: Most of respondents were 27 years old (12.5%) with mean of age 31 years old. 71.9% of respondents visited the hospital’ website to see the available facility and the schedule while 70.6% of respondents see the doctor’ schedule. 74.4% of respondents stated that information on the hospital website was available but not complete while the second problem of the website was information was not up to date. In the role of website in assisting respondent to choose hospital~ 79.3% respondents stated that hospital’ website assisted them to choose. Theoretical contributions/ Originality: This research implies that patients’ behavior on using website hospital and their expectation regarding the hospital website content and common problems occurred during they visited the website. Practitioner/ Policy Implications: Hospital manager should arrange adequate resources to provide and maintain hospital’ website in order to provide up to date~ complete and accurate information in the website so that could assist patients to use the hospital service. Research limitation: Small number of respondents would not enough to represent all hospital’ patient. Keywords: Hospital Website~ Patient Perception~ Website Usage~ Indonesia

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