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Digital Video Advertising Trend A Consumer Behaviour Study in Industrial 4.0 Era
Arius Krypton Onarelly

Last modified: 2019-09-19


On the industrial 4.0 era, organizations have incredibly moved their concentration towards clients as the substances making the interest for organizations' items and wellsprings of the incomes. The customer shapes and influence the present market patterns with their wants and inclinations; this requires readaptation of advertising and specialized marketing techniques from organizations. Best offer changes are based on pertinent research and shaped by buyer bits of knowledge, regularly dependent on examples of substance utilization. The principle focus of this research is to recognize digital video advertising trend by looking at advanced video media consumption habit of consumer. The author gathers and sort optional information which is chosen, gathered and formed precisely by plan necessities accessible on Consumer Barometer Research provided by Google. Identification of the most significant digital video advertising patterns to shape advanced promoting in the next years can be considered as the novelty element of this research. The outcomes are focused on advancement and consumer behavior and plan to highlight possible ways to produce digital video advertising and communicate to clients for a few future years.


Keyword: Digital marketing, digital video, consumer behavior, trend prediction, Indonesia.

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