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Alternative Tourism Development at Curug Ciherang, Warga Jaya Village, Suka Makmur District, Bogor Regency
Annisa Pratiwi

Last modified: 2019-06-19



Research aims: This research aims to explore the  alternative tourism development planning based on the tourist attraction and facilities, the local people's involvement in tourism activities, the object development strategy and supporting facilities as well as the role of stakeholders in Curug Ciherang.

Methodology: The data collected were analyzed using qualitative descriptive analysis method, which is then presented as a narrative. This research was conducted in the scope of tourist attraction’s manager and local people. The research objects are limited to the tourism activities of the local people, facilities, and the development strategy of tourist attraction.

Research findings: The results show that the Curug Ciherang tourist attraction have the potential to be developed into the main tourist destination since it has a unique alternative tourism. [SM1] However, more efforts need to be done to  improve its  competitive advantage.

Practical implications: Based on the findings, this study concludes that there is a need to optimise the potential that exist in Curug Ciherang, so that it could be developed as an alternative tourism destination. This is important as it could eventually lead to economic benefits to the  local people in Curug Ciherang.

Theoretical implications:[SM2]

Keywords: alternative tourism, Curug Ciherang, destination development, local community