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The Effect of Digitalization and Human Capital on Life Insurance Demand in Indonesia
Karin Amelia Safitri, Safrin Arifin Arifin

Last modified: 2019-09-19


The insurance industry has an important role in contributing to the rate of economic growth of a country which is directly related to the human resources and the implementation of industry revolution 4.0 through digital transformation. The aim of this study is to provide the evidence on the contribution of digitalization based on communication and information technology and human capital consisted of age dependency ratio, labor force, and life expectancy on life insurance demand in Indonesia. This study used the 16 years of annually data for the period from 2002-2017 and analyzed by using principal component regression for the research method. The result indicated that the digitalization and human capital have a significant effect on the demand of life insurance products at 5%. The findings shows that age dependency ratio has negative relationship with life insurance demand as hyphothesized. The labor force, life expectancy, individuals using internet and broadband subscription have positive impact on life insurance demand. Insurance industries are recommended to develop the human capital and their digital equipment to expand the bussiness.

Keywords: Digitalization, Human Capital, Life Insurance


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