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E-marketplace Platform for Small Medium Enterprises Culinary
Johan Reimon Batmetan, Verry Ronny Palilingan

Last modified: 2019-09-19


Culinary has specialties in distinctive tastes according to each region. Marketing culinary products require easy media with fast delivery time to ensure the quality of culinary products. Culinary products require a user-friendly and fast platform. This study aims to design and build a culinary e-marketplace platform that can be used by small medium enterprises. The method used in the research is the prototyping method in software engineering to build e-marketplace platforms. The stages of prototyping are carried out by data collection and analysis, program design and development, and testing and evaluation. The results of this study indicate that the e-marketplace platform was successfully built and can function in conducting transactions such as ordering and payment. This e-marketplace platform is able to bring customers together with other customers who are part of small medium enterprises with a fast and easy transaction model. This research contributed to the techniques and development of e-marketplace in small medium enterprises using software engineering with prototyping engineering techniques. The results of this study are still limited to culinary products that can be used to promote culinary and reach users more broadly.