Universitas Indonesia Conferences, The 4th International Conference of Vocational Higher Education

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Ahmad Rosli Mohd Nor

Last modified: 2019-03-19


This study aims to explore a learning experience in technical and vocational curriculum based on a career planning program. The aspect of career has always been ignored in the community college curriculum as it was considered less important in the education of students. Many studies show that exposure to career since the early days of schooling are very effective in shaping the career maturity of students. This study has been conducted based on Backward Design curriculum model by Wiggins and McThige which used learning outcomes (graduation) as a tool to create a learning experience in the curriculum. This qualitative study was conducted on 15 respondents graduated from community college and are successful in their careers with a high income. Data was collected using Delphi techniques interview and each session had been transcribed. Thematic analysis has been conducted in 1st round Delphi techniques interview and Fuzzy Delphi Method analysis has been used in second round of the Delphi Techniques. Findings indicate that there are 3 items learning experiences for pre self-employment information (interests, self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation) and 4 items of learning experiences for pre-employment career that influence the career planning. The item has been ranking base on priority for each items value of threshold (d) in Fuzzy Delphi Method. Suggestions and recommendations for improvement of the community college curriculum were presented in this article.