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How Ready is Corporate Public Relations (PR) in Facing the Revolutionary Industry 4.0 Era?
Mareta Maulidiyanti, Pijar Suciati, Sri Rahayu

Last modified: 2019-09-19


The purpose of this study is to see the readiness of Indonesian Corporate Public Relations (PR) practitioners in facing 4.0 era. This study focuses on 4 dimmensions based on readiness assessment tools in  corporate  PR industry  which are product and services, manufacturing & operations, the organization strategy and business model dimenssion. This research use a survey technics with quantitative method. The survey is conducted in 30 corporate with 120 respondents. Online quitioners is chosen as a survey instrument that fullfiled by a junior PR untill a senior PR specialist. All data are analyzed using statistics to measure the PR specialist readiness level.  The research found that Public Relations in Indonesian Corporation have a different level of readiness in facing 4.0 era. Most of PR specialist still in the beginner level and only few of them in he experts level. This paper contributes to the public realtions studies for Revolutionary Industry 4.0 research area. This study combined the readiness assessment tools with  the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Form this study, Corporate Communication profesion in Indonesia will get the  overview of existing condition of this industry. The PR industry will get the input about the next corporate strategy to improve the readiness in facing revolutionary industry 4.0. However, this research has a limitatuon specialy in research respondent that limited in  Corporate PR specialist in Indonesia .

Keywords :

Public Relations , Technology Acceptance Model., 4.0 Revolutionary Industry, Internet of tools, Corporate PR

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