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Public Relations Practitioners Readiness Towards the Disruption Era
Pijar Suciati, Mareta Maulidiyanti, Sri Rahayu

Last modified: 2019-08-12


This study aims to examine the readiness of Public Relations (PR) practitioners in PR consultant, particularly in Indonesia, of what’s coming, the disruption era of industry 4.0. Looking beyond the core business of an PR consultant, this study will be limited only to 4 dimensions such, product and services, manufacturing and operations, strategy and organization, and business model. This reseacrh use the positivism paradigm, a survey is conducted to collect data from the respondents using online questionnaire. The sample is 120 participants from various PR consultant in Indonesia. Data are analyzed separately using statistics descriptive and combine altogether to create overall readiness level. The result shows that PR practitioners in PR consultant have different level of readiness in each dimension. Most of PR practitioners are mastering the beginner level, some of them are in intermediate and experienced, but only a few that is acknowledge as experts. This paper contributes to existing research in Public Relations studies, especially the one that related to the revolutionary industry 4.0. This research also adds on previous works by adjusting the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as one of the readiness assessment tools. The finding of this research provides an overview of the current readiness situation in Indonesian PR consultant in facing the industry 4.0. This shall provide input to practitioners, what they have to do, to improving their product and services, strategy and organization, and business model to face the revolutionary industry 4.0. This study is limited by its sample size, geographical, and by its category of respondent. Nevertheless, future studies are needed to elaborate the result of this study into broader scale and more respondent.

Keywords: Public Relations, Artificial Intelligent, Internet of Things, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Technology Acceptance Model