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Fast Disintegrating Tablet Formulation of Ginger Extract (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) using Coprocessed Excipient of Pregelatinized Cassava Starch - Acacia Gum
Baginda Sati Pituanan

Last modified: 2016-09-22


Fast disintegrating tablets (FDTs) are tablet disintegrate and/or dissolve rapidly in the mouth, hence it can help patients, who have problem of swallow drugs. Ginger extract, which is containing gingerol, generally has known acting as anti-emetic. The purpose of this study is to obtain coprocessed excipients of pregelatinized cassava starch (PCS) with acacia gum (AG), to be applied in FDT formulations of ginger extract. In this research, five kinds of the coprocessed excipients of PCS-AG were prepared in the ratio of 5:5, 6:4, 7:3, 8:2, and 9:1. Furthermore, the coprocessed excipient of PCS-AG were characterized in term of morphology, particle size distribution, moisture content, pH, flow properties and swelling index. Three coprocessed excipients of PCS-AG 7:3, PCS-AG 8:2, and PCS-AG 9:1 were choosen to be used in FDT formulation of ginger extract wich were examined for the tablet hardness, the tablet friability, the wetting time and the disintegration time. The results show that the coprocessed excipient of PCS-AG 9:1 was the selected excipient, since it revealed good flow properties and swelling index compare to the other. Then the three coprocessed excipient of PCS-AG were formulated into tablets and evaluated.The FDTs of ginger extract using the coprocessed excipient of PCS-AG 9:1showed the best performance with tablet hardness of 0,7 kp, friability of 2,12%, the wetting time of 93 second, and disintegration time of 134 second. In conclusion, the coprocessed excipient of PCS-AG 9:1 might be a potential excipient as binder, disintegrant, and filler for the FDT formulation.