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Effervescent Tablets of Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera L.) Extract Formulation as Nutraceutical Dosage Form
Mutiah Rakhma Wisnu Wardani

Last modified: 2016-07-30


Grape is one of the most well-known fruits. People usually consume only the fruit and the skin, whereas the seed actually has polyphenol content which can act as antioxidant. However, grape seed and its extract have unpleasant taste. For that reason, the aim of this study was to formulate grape seed extract into effervescent tablets, in order to overcome the unpleasant taste. Effervescent tablet of grape seed extract was formulated into three formulas which were differentiated by the percentage of effervescent mix. The effervescent tablet was prepared by wet granulation in condition of 40% relative humidity (RH) and 25˚C temperature. The effervescent granules and tablets were evaluated. Effervescent tablets and solutions of three formulas were also evaluated with hedonic test which involved 30 panels. The effervescent granules and tablets evaluation showed good characteristics. Disintegration time of three formulas was in acceptable range, between 3.67 minutes and 4.69 minutes. pH of effervescent solution was between 5.18 and 5.80. From hedonic test result, it was showed that all effervescent solutions of grape seed extract were favorable for their appearance, taste, and flavor. It can be concluded that effervescent tablet of grape seed extract is potential to be produced as nutraceutical dosage form.