Universitas Indonesia Conferences, Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS) 2019

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Inhibitory Effect of Kaempferia galanga Constituent on Nitric Oxide Production
Syarifatul Mufidah

Last modified: 2019-07-29


Background: Kaempferia galanga has been shown to have an anti-inflammation activity. It is reported that Ethyl p-methoxy cinnamate as the major compound of the chloroform extract, takes a role for its bio-activity. However, the exploration of isolated compounds from the extracts has not been widely studied. Objective: This study aimed to isolate compounds and evaluate anti-inflammation activity of extracts and isolated compounds. Materials and Methods: Powdered rhizome of K. Galanga extracted with Methanol and partitioned using n-Hexane, Ethyl Acetate and Butanol. Isolation and purification were done using several chromatography techniques. The anti-inflammation activity was evaluated by Inhibitory effect of NO production in RAW 264.7 cell lines. Results: Many compounds have been isolated including new monoterpene-polyketides, the planar structure is determined using LCMS and NMR while the 3D structure is not determined yet. Methanol, N-Hexane and Ethyl Acetate Extracts showed high anti-inflammation activity. Evaluation of anti-inflammation from isolated compounds is under investigation. Conclusion: a new monoterpene-polyketides has been isolated together with other compounds from K. galanga.