Universitas Indonesia Conferences, Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS) 2019

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Analysis of Drug Related Problem Among Outpatients with Hypertension in Koja District Hospital from February - April 2019
Azizah Nusaibah

Last modified: 2019-07-13


Giving medicine  Giving medicine for hypertensive patients requires special attention and hypertensive patients often experience complications with other degenerative diseases so that they usually experience a tendency to experience polypharmacy. This study aims to analyze drug-related problems with the domain of effectiveness of drug therapy and adverse drug reactions under the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe. This research method is cross sectional using medical record data, prescriptions, and nurse records. Samples from this study were patients with the primary diagnosis of primary hypertension and patients aged ≥ 23 years. Analysis was carried out on 114 study samples. The most common drug-related problem is the effectiveness of therapy with a percentage of 60.00% and other drug-related problems, the adverse drug reactions has a percentage of 40%. The highest cause of the problem identified in this study was that the combination of drugs or drug-food was incorrect including the incidence of drug interactions, which was 40.00%