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Antidiabetic Effect Of Combination Syzygium cumini And Andrographis paniculata In Diabetic Rat That Induced By High fat diet-Streptozotocin
Gumilar Adhi Nugroho

Last modified: 2019-07-13


Background: Jamblang (Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels) and Sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Wall. ex Nees) have been shown to increasing insulin sensitivity and repair pancreatic cells. Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the safety and antidiabetic effect of the hydroalcoholic extract (HE) of combination of Jamblang leaves (JB), and Sambiloto (SA) in mice. Materials and Methods: The HE dose of was 200 mg/kg body weight (BW) of SA and 150 mg/kg BW of JB. The mice were divided into 5 groups that received suspending agent as a normal control and dose combination 1.25 g/kg BW; 2.5 g/kg BW; 5 g/kg BW; and 10 g/kg BW for treatment groups respectively. Acute toxicity was evaluated through the determination of a LD50 in mice (up to 14 days). In mice, the oral administration (p.o.) of the HE (……. g/kg) was observe. During experiment, the effects on behavior, body weight, feed consumed were measured daily. Histology, hematology and biochemical parameters were measured at the end of the treatment. After a 14-day treatment, the effect of HE were observed the changes in some biochemical parameters. Histological examination of the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, stomach, intestine and pancreas were observe after treatment to study the morphological changes.

Key words: Antidiabetic, Acute toxicity, Jamblang, Sambiloto