Universitas Indonesia Conferences, Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS) 2019

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Evaluation of Experimental Hepatotoxic in Animal Model and Effect of Lisinopril on Liver Function in Hepatotoxic Albino Rats
Asma Fitriani, Adinda Ayu Rafika Apriliani, Aleta Violina Purba, Fadlina Chany Saputri, Nuriza Ulul Azmi

Last modified: 2019-07-14


Background: Several studies have been examined to investigate the analgesic drugs for inducing the liver injury in animal model. It is used as animal model to perform the preclinic study in evaluating the activity of drugs. Objective: To compare the conditions of paracetamol and sodium diclofenac induced liver injury and to experimentally evaluate the protective effect of lisinopril in hepatotoxic animal models. Materials and Methods: The orientation for the formation of animals hepatotoxic model was repeated at various doses of paracetamol orally and sodium diclofenac via intraperitoneal for various timeframes. Furthermore, the animal model was used to evaluate the lisinopril administration. A total of 30 rats in 5 treatment groups (normal, negative control, and lisinopril at dose of 10, 20, and 40 mg/kg/BW/day) were used and treated for 14 days via oral administration route. 24 hours after administration, paracetamol (2000 mg/kg BW) were given orally and 6 hours after, the plasma samples were collected to analyze AST, ALT, and ALP as paramater biomarkers for hepatocyte damage and SOD and GPX as illustrations of plasma antioxidant activity. Morphological observations were also carried out. Results: Paracetamol gave better and that could be implemented in the hepatoprotective study than sodium diclofenac induction. The dose of paracetamol which gives a significant different (p<0,05) to the normal group is 2000 mg/kg BW and measured at 6 hours after administration.  The evaluation of lisinopril showed that there were significant difference (p<0,05) between the treatment groups compared to negative control group on AST, ALT, and ALP parameters. In addition, SOD and GPx activity showed an increase compared to the negative control group but there were no significant differences in each dose. Conclusion: Paracetamol could be better used as hepatotoxic animal model compared to sodium diclofenac and lisinopril has the potential as a hepatoprotector in animal model.