Universitas Indonesia Conferences, Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (AFPS) 2019

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Cream of Binahong (Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) Steenis) Leave Ethanolic Extract as Antibacterial Agent Against Propionibacterium acne Bacteria
Prof. Dr. Kuswandi Tirtodiharjo, SU., M.Phil., Apt.

Last modified: 2019-07-12




Background: Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that can be caused by Propionibacterium acne bacteria. Binahong (Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) Steenis) have been explored to inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acne in vitro. Objective: This study aimed to prove the practicality and effectivity in use of Binahong leaves ethanolic extract by formulating into creams and evaluate the optimum formula for antibacterial activity against Propionibacterium acne. Materials and Methods: Binahong leave extract was obtained by maceration using 96% ethanol. Binahong leave extract was formulated at dose of 5% (w/w). Optimizing formulas in cream were determined by Simplex Lattice Design method of the Design Expert software version 10. Creams were formulated by combining stearic acid and triethanolamine (TEA) as emulgators. Concentrations of stearic acid were 11%-14% (w/w) and TEA were 2%-5% (w/w). The optimum formula was determined based on the physical properties consist of viscosity, gumminess, and cohesiveness. The physical stability of creams were determined by centrifuge at 5000 rpm for 30 minuts and freez-thaw method at 4˚ ± 2˚C and 40˚ ± 2˚C for 24 hours in 3 cycles. The verified optimum formula was tested for antibacterial activity against Propionibacterium acne bacteria in vitro by using the solid diffusion method. Results: The best physical properties value was obtained on combination stearic acid : TEA at dose 13,25% : 2,75% (w/w), include of (a) viscosity was 65,95 ± 0,84 dPa.S; (b) gumminess was 33,25 ± 9,14 g; and (c) cohesiveness was 1,05 ± 0,19. The inhibitory effect toward Propionibacterium acne in vitro was 19,63 ± 1,94 mm . Conclusions: Based on the results, the proportions of stearic acid and TEA obtained to produce the optimum formula cream were 13,25% and 2,75% (w/w). The optimum formula cream has potential effect as antibacterial agent against Propionibacterium acne bacteria.


Keywords:, Binahong leave exract, cream, optimization formula, Antibacteria